This K-Band Member Is Known For His Cold Visuals But Warm Personality

He’s a big softie IRL.

On stage, DAY6‘s Wonpil might look tough and scary. He’s overflowing with charisma and passion for the stage and it truly shows.

day6 wonpil 

But in reality, he’s a big softie at heart! He loves to crack up jokes and make other people laugh with his random antics.

day6 wonpil2

When he isn’t performing, he doesn’t mind letting his goofy-image show, letting the fans see that beneath his intense gaze as he sings, he’s a true sweetie.

day6 wonpil3

There is for sure: he loves his music and he loves his fans. He isn’t shy when it comes to expressing his love for those who support him and DAY6 and is always 100% feeling it when he’s performing on stage.

day6 wonpil4

Source: Pann
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