K-Pop helium covers that are sure to bring a smile to your face

These idols’ helium-filled vocals are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

While idols are constantly practicing, making sure their voices are perfect, it’s not always just their talent that keeps us hooked on them. Idols showing off their playful sides are a surefire way to turn casual listeners into avid fans.

Aegyo charms tend to be a great way of melting hearts and the helium trick is one that can make even the least cutesy group absolutely precious.

Whether it’s a hilarious jump in pitch, surprisingly on point cover, or simply adorable, these helium covers will definitely brighten up anyone’s day.


TWICE love to have fun with their songs, often showing fans fun and creative ways of singing them. So when they were asked to try singing with helium, they jumped at the chance.

At one of MWave‘s MEET&GREET events, TWICE tried singing their debut song “OOH-AHH,” in a totally new way.

Monsta X

Nothing can stop Monsta X from performing “Beautiful” well, even the distraction of their incredibly high-pitched singing. Although singing at a new, hilarious pitch, they stayed on beat and in character throughout the song.


JYP artists spoil their fans with the huge amount of relatable fanservice, and GOT7 is no exception. Full of fun-loving personalities, the group often leave IGOT7s cracking up. While they hardly need helium to imitate weird noises and do covers, it is a hilarious touch.

Oh My Girl

Already naturally cute, when Oh My Girl breathed in helium it just exaggerated their charms. The group couldn’t help but sing and show off their new voices. Even the normally husky-voiced rapper, Mimi, tried out a helium filled rap.


Although the group is already known for their cute visuals and playful members, GFriend showed that it is in fact possible for the girls to get cuter. But even filled with helium, GFRIEND‘s vocals are no joke. These girls are a harmonizing match made in heaven.