Kang Daniel’s Aegyo Was Cute But His Reaction At Having To Do Aegyo Was Even Cuter

DANITY got some bonus cuteness thanks to his aegyo:

I think we can all agree that Kang Daniel is absolutely adorable. When he’s not rocking the super sexy side of his duality, he’s radiating pure aegyo. With his cute side on full display during a recent interview, DANITY not only got to experience some serious uwu thanks to his legit aegyo, they also got some bonus cuteness from his reaction to said aegyo!

Image: @konnect_danielk/Twitter

In the quick answer segment of his interview with Arirang‘s Pops in Seoul, Kang Daniel was tasked with answering 10 questions in 100 seconds! If he failed, he’d get a balloon popping surprise and face a punishment.

While he quickly worked through the questions…

He wasn’t quite fast enough! Just after reaching question number nine, time ran out and the balloon popped.

With Kang Daniel ultimately failing the challenge, he ended up needing to face the punishment — aegyo! Needing to give the final greeting in a cute way, Kang Daniel didn’t hold back as he amped up the cuteness to a whole other level!

But even cuter than Daniel’s actual aegyo? His reaction to his aegyo!

Seriously, how can he be so adorable without even trying?

Kang Daniel