Kang Daniel’s Customized “Lucky Cat” Charm Could Make Your Wish Come True

Be sure to save that “Happy Cat” one for a good week.

At his fan meetings, Kang Daniel has been doing something so sweet and special — and it’s leaving all DANITYs swooning hard.


It turns out Kang Daniel has been handing out his signature “Lucky Cat” doodles! According to DANITYs, these lucky charm type drawings have mysteriously positive powers…

Left Top Corner

I asked him to wish me luck on my exam next year and he drew me this pencil cat so wholeheartedly.



… that bless them in all the ways possible to make their wishes happen! Here’s a “Ticketing Cat” shared by a DANITY who needed good vibes to successfully book tickets to his concert:

That’s a laptop in front of the lucky cat!



These lucky cat drawings come in a wide variety. To the exhausted DANITYs who need some boost in life in general, Kang Daniel gives out his “Battery Cat” that looks like this:

He asked me if these lucky cats have any power. Of course it does, it’s super effective!



And for DANITYs in search of happiness, Kang Daniel doubless up and draw his “Happy Cats”!


Kang Daniel also has this “Everything Will Be Okay Cat” version for DANITYs who are looking for employment.

This is Kang Daniel’s lucky cat drawing for a DANITY next to me, who is looking for work.



But perhaps, his most popular lucky cat is the “Let’s Meet Again Cat”:

Kang Daniel’s “Let’s Meet Again Cat” Version 1


DANITYs who receive this type of lucky cat drawing are blessed with Kang Daniel’s excellent cat-powers to have better chances of getting to see him again!

Kang Daniel’s “Let’s Meet Again Cat” Version 2


It’s no surprise to DANITYs though, that these lucky cat drawings do make dreams come true. They have always known Kang Daniel to hold an unusual connection with cats. It’s obviously the meow spirits working miracles.

Source: THEQOO

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