DANITYs Weren’t Ready To Say Goodbye To Kang Daniel, Neither Was He

So he tried to prolong the little time he had.

Kang Daniel blessed DANITYs in Manila at his latest fan meeting. With his talent, visual, and irresistible personality, Kang Daniel gave his fans an unforgettable fun-filled night!


Unfortunately, as all things must come to an end, Kang Daniel and DANITYs began to say goodbye…


… when Kang Daniel did the cutest thing that melted his fans’ hearts! As the curtain lowered on the stage, separating Kang Daniel from his fans…


… Kang Daniel tried his best to catch even the very last glimpse of DANITYs!


He tried his best to peep beyond the falling curtain, by getting on his knee and everything!


And when the curtain got too low, Kang Daniel tapped his feet together as his final goodbye! DANITYs absolutely loved Kang Daniel’s adorable effort to prolong their time together…


… and can’t wait to see him again on another fan meeting tour!


Watch Kang Daniel’s looooooooong goodbye here:

Kang Daniel