Kang Daniel’s Fans Are Speechless At How His 1.5X Speed Dance Still Looks Flawless

He’s back – and he’s better than ever.

In a recent live broadcast, Kang Daniel gave his fans a thorough walk-through of his new choreography for the song “What Are You Up To”. And during this broadcast, Kang Daniel tried the infamous “1.5X Speed” dance and ended up wowing his fans at how he managed to make it look flawless anyway!


When his fans asked Kang Daniel to show them the choreography at double the speed, he asked his staff members if the song could be arranged.


Soon, his choreographer was able to set up the song at 2X playback speed. When Kang Daniel heard the song, he realized it was way too fast and he wasn’t sure if he could pull that off.

That doesn’t even sound like my song. It sounds like Super Mario or something!

— Kang Daniel


Kang Daniel and the choreographer agreed on 1.5X speed and gave it a go. In the minute-long dance off that followed, however, Kang Daniel was able to blow his fans’ minds yet again with his perfect moves and his signature puppy smile!


After watching Kang Daniel’s 1.5X speed dance, fans are realizing how badly they missed this Kang Daniel energy! They were also left completely speechless at how – even when sped up – Kang Daniel didn’t miss a single detail in the choreography and made it look very natural!


Kang Daniel’s fans continue to celebrate his return to the K-Pop scene. With more Kang Daniel contents to watch everyday, fans are overwhelmed with all the feels!

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Watch the full clip here:

Kang Daniel