Kang Daniel Had A Male Fan Show Up At His Fan Meeting, His Reaction Is Priceless

Look how happy Kang Daniel was to see the fanboy!

At a recent fan meeting, Kang Daniel got to meet and greet his male fan. While the fanboy seemed calm and posed, Kang Daniel was beyond thrilled. Their cute little interaction, caught on multiple fan cams, is now leaving all the fans UWU-ing hard.


As soon as Kang Daniel noticed a male fan waiting for his turn next, a big smile spread across his face. Kang Daniel eagerly greeted the fanboy by throwing his hand up in the air and waving.


The male fan sat down in front of Kang Daniel and the two had their idol-fanboy moment. Kang Daniel soon reached out for a handshake – and when the fan took his hand, he couldn’t control the happiness.


Kang Daniel kept patting the fan’s hand and grinning like one giant fluffy dog!


Other fans who attended the meeting are now commenting that they could almost see Kang Daniel’s samoyed tail pop out and wag away at the sight of this fanboy!


Here’s your minute of UWU x 100:


From another angle:

Source: THEQOO

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