Kang Daniel’s Fans Have A Blast Creating Sample Merch With His New Logo

DANITYs love their logo too!

Kang Daniel announced the birth of his and his fans’ logos and DANITYs are in love with the modern-chic design!

kang daniel main

As straight forward as it can get, the “D” and the “K” in his logo are from his initials. As for the fandom’s logo, the fandom name “DANITY” is embraced by the letter D, symbolizing how Kang Daniel always holds his fans near and dear to his heart.

kang daniel 1

Thanks to the simplicity, DANITYs are finding it super easy to incorporate the logo into all kinds of merchandise! Some of the Photoshop-savvy fans have tested out the look, from tote bags…

kang daniel 5

… to jewelry…

kang daniel 6


… and even household goods!

kang daniel 3

And DANITYs are excited for the agency to start making official fandom goods, flashing the brand new fancy logo!

Source: THEQOO
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