Kang Daniel Went All Out To Break A World Record And Discovered A Brand New Talent

Just one more skill to add to his incredibly long list of talents!

As a man of many, many talents, Kang Daniel recently discovered a brand new talent of his when he took on some of the fun, funky, and fantastic records from Guinness World Records on the 1theK Originals series, KKINNESS Challenge!

Image: @daniel.k.here/Instagram

Among all of the records he tried to beat, he was extra fired up when he took on the record for most water moved by hand in 30 seconds, after all, he figured he’d have a lot more luck with this challenge!

My hand is big, but I have to keep my fingers from spreading out. My hands are ladles! I’ll give it a try!

— Kang Daniel

When the timer started, Kang Daniel was a flurry of activity as he quickly scooped water from the two outer bowls to the one in the middle. As the 30 seconds ended, he fell just shy of beating the record of 2,600 ml.

Having come so close to the mark, he decided to give it another try and with his fire burning even hotter, he put his all into moving the water as fast as possible…

I suddenly feel like I have a desire to win! I think I got the hang of it. When I scoop water with my hands…just doing this.

— Kang Daniel

And surpassed the record!

But Kang Daniel wasn’t done yet! With his competitive spirit going strong, he decided to go a third time to try and beat his own record.

Which is exactly what he did! While Kand Daniel, was unfortunately ineligible for a place in the Guinness book due to the challenge’s rules, he did set a very impressive new KKINNESS record that other idols will have to compete against…

Plus, as he hilariously pointed out, he had discovered a brand new talent of his!

I didn’t know I had this talent. If you call me when the water pipe breaks in your house, I’ll help you scoop out the water!

— Kang Daniel

Forget about the plumber, we’re calling Kang Daniel next time the pipes burst! Check out the moment Kang Daniel discovers his new talent and witness all his fiery passion below:

Kang Daniel