Kang Hyung Wook Makes Shocking Revelation Of What Dogs Actually Think When Owners Abandon Them

That’s so devastating.

On a recent episode of KBS‘s The Dog Is Excellent, doggy guru, Kang Hyung Wook made the shocking revelation of what dogs actually think when owners abandon them.

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On the show, Kang Hyung Wook was training a dog who lost touch with society for 2 years due to the hospitalization of its owner.

As a result, the dog was left to fend for itself during those 2 years, resulting in behavioural issues once the owner returned.

Regarding the dog’s tendency to attack others, Kang Hyung Wook expressed, “The dog probably didn’t want to lose you again once you came back.

But what shocked viewers was when Kang Hyung Wook revealed what dogs actually think when they’re abandoned by their owners.

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According to Kang Hyung Wook, dogs perceive abandonment differently from humans.

Dog’s aren’t able to realize that their owner abandoned them. Instead, they think they’re the ones who lost the owner.

— Kang Hyung Wook

So in the case of the dog on the show, it showed aggressive behavior as a result of the loneliness the dog felt after “losing” its owner for 2 years.

| @hunter.kang/Instagram

The unexpected revelation by the famous doggy guru just goes to further prove that dogs need to be protected at all costs.



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