KARD’s BM Is The Man You Wish You Had In Your Life, And I’ll Tell You Why

He’s always showing some major love to his friends!

KARD‘s BM loves his group and isn’t afraid to let everyone know it! Even before they debuted, he proved himself to be the group’s number one fan.


He’s not just the biggest fan of the group, he’s also a Jiwoo, Somin, and J.Seph stan!


In fact, he loves them so much that he never misses an opportunity to promote his members.

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He absolutely loves to give them compliments.


And tell them that they are gorgeous!


Plus he can’t get over their muscles.



But he doesn’t just give them compliments when he’s with them. BM has also been known to leave some really nice messages on their Instagrams.

For instance, he left the comment “weeeerk” on this post by Somin.


And giving them lots of hype on his own account!

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And he captioned this post with, “Kickin it wid Zwoo AKA color joker AKA ms. legs lookin’ longer than my lifespan.


Then there are the moments when he makes every fan melt with his sweet words.


If anyone needed any more proof that BM is the best hype man out there, the clips he created for the group’s latest comeback should do the trick!

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He made one video for each member.

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And showed just how much he was in love with all their dance moves!

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To top it off, BM isn’t just a hype man for his own members. He is fond of showing his love for his friends outside the group too!

Like this comment on a post by Ladies’ Code‘s Ashley.


So, is everyone in agreement that we all need a hype man like BM in our lives?