KARD Jiwoo’s Birthday Greeting From Groupmate BM Is Friendship Goals

Only your best friends can get away with birthday greetings like this. 🤭

KARD‘s Jiwoo was born on October 4 and her groupmate BM took to his personal Instagram to celebrate her birthday in a unique way that truly highlights the level of their friendship. The post, which was absolute perfection, was a series of images and videos of Jiwoo in unsuspecting or funny moments.

Upon seeing BM’s epic birthday post, Jiwoo asked “Really, what is this lololol Since when did you start collecting these lololol”, to with BM responded, “I collected these memes diligently throughout the year Happy Birthday Queen Jiwoo Day”

Not to be left out, Somin also jumped in commenting, “Both of you are impressive lolololol HBD to you”.

It’s pretty apparent that the members of KARD are good friends who are comfortable with one another—after all, we couldn’t imagine anyone but our very best friends sending us such an amazing birthday greeting. 😂

Are you a Hidden KARD? Don’t forget to wish Jiwoo a happy birthday and stream their new song “Dumb Litty”, which just came out at the end of September, in celebration of everyone’s favorite sleepy girl. 🎂💤