KARD Says Their Goal Is To Become Like BTS

KARD says they have everything they need to follow in BTS’s footsteps.

In a recent interview with Seoul Shinmun, KARD expressed their admiration for BTS’s achievements and skyrocketing popularity. Although KARD has not yet received the same level of attention, BTS has inspired them to aim high.

The best way to achieve success in an over-saturated industry is to find a niche then turn that niche into the new mainstream. BTS attracted millions of millennials with their relatable lyrics and their music videos’ intricate, interconnecting storylines.


KARD believes that, like BTS, they have a niche that will refresh the K-Pop scene.

KARD is one of very few, active co-ed groups. This appeals to new fans who are seeking something different, but it also appeals to an older generation of fans who fell in love with co-ed groups like Roo’ra, back when co-ed groups were more commonplace

Former Korean co-ed hip hip group Roo’ra.


Being a co-ed group also allows KARD to play with an endless range of concepts, choreography, and music video storylines that draw on their male-female dynamic.


Check out “You in Me” to see why KARD deserves more love!

Source: Seoul Shinmun News