KASPER releases her debut single “Lean on Me”

KASPER will be making her official debut under DSP Media with her debut single “Lean on Me” on January 18.

After letting the world know of her musical talents on Mnet’s Unpretty Rapstar, KASPER had been continuously working on a song of her own composition and lyrics, and will be showcasing a totally different side of her musicality to her fans.

In an interview with Xports News, KASPER revealed the behind-story of the release of her upcoming debut single, where she expressed she was incredibly nervous but also excited to show fans what kind of music she had always wanted to do.

She also revealed there were several times where “Lean on Me” would not see the light of day, but after multiple editing and producing processes, she was finally able to perfect the song for release.

KASPER also described “Lean on Me” to be a song with a bright melody, but the more it is listened to it, fans may start finding it to be quite sad and emotional. 

“I didn’t really write it with a particular person in mind, but I based the song on the peculiar feeling we get when we lean on a friend too much; almost as if we’re addicted to that person.”

— Kasper

She ended the interview by outlining her future plans for herself and her music:

“I’d like to release one more single to let everyone know of my music, and maybe in the fall I would like to gift the media an album with more of my songs…

My goal is to establish my own distinct musical style. When someone hears my song while walking down the street, they can say, ‘Isn’t this KASPER’s song?’ I want to be a musician who’s name will be remembered for my music.”

— Kasper

Stay tuned to see more from Kasper and watch her music video below!

Source: Xports News