Kehlani responds to Taeyeon’s video about her on Instagram

The two amazing female artists were seen responding to one and other on social media multiple times!

Back in January 2016, Taeyeon and American singer, Kehlani, started following each other on Instagram. Since then, the two have been liking and leaving comments a few of each other’s posts.

In one of Taeyeon’s recent vlogs, she also had Kehlani’s song, “Bright,” playing in the background as she looked at the camera and asked if Kehlani was watching.

Taeyeon then happily notified fans that she and Kehlani were following each other on Instagram. She said that Kehlani was her favorite artist and sent her a video message by saying “Kehlani, hi. I love you.”

Kehlani responded by posting a clip of the segment with a cute comment.

hi @taeyeon_ss I am watching, yes! ? I love you right back!! Thank you so much!

— Kehlani

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Taeyeon liked Kehlani’s post and replied with heart emojis.

Kehlani then gave a shout-out to Taeyeon’s song, “I Got Love” on her official Twitter account.

However, Kehlani later deleted the post; she might have deleted the post after realizing that she made a small typo in Taeyeon’s name.

Nevertheless, the interactions and the relationship between the two artists have been sweet and adorable. Kehlani has even been spotted shouting out other K-Pop stars, such as BTS.