Kep1er’s Huening Bahiyyih Was Surprised By Brother TXT’s Hueningkai When They Met For The “WA DA DA” Challenge

Hueningkai is full of surprises!

Remember when the Huening family broke the internet with the “WA DA DA” challenge?

From left: Huening Bahiyyih, Hueningkai, and Lea

CHEL_젤젤 (@chel_daisuki_ on Twitter) had an online fanmeeting with Kep1er‘s Huening Bahiyyih. They asked if there was any TMI from when she filmed the “WA DA DA” challenge.

Huening Bahiyyih remembered that in order to film the “WA DA DA” challenge with her siblings, she went to the HYBE building. There, she filmed both her video with older sister Lea and brother TXT‘s Hueningkai.

When I do the challenge with my brother, I went to the company.

— Huening Bahiyyih

She was stunned when she met up with Hueningkai especially. While she expected to teach him the choreography for the “WA DA DA” challenge, he already knew it!

He remembers out “WA DA DA” dance challenge. Yeah, I didn’t teach him because he knows it.

— Huening Bahiyyih

Lea is certainly not the only skilled TikToker in this family! There’s certainly a reason that Hueningkai is considered one of the “4th Gen It Boys!”

We love these Huening sibling collaborations! This family is filled with talented people.

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The Huening Siblings Reunite As Kep1er’s Huening Bahiyyih And TXT’s Hueningkai Finally Collab For The “WA DA DA” Challenge

Check out the video call here:

Source: @chel_daisuki_ and @skylovesmochi