This Kids Model Is Called The “Little IU” And It’s Obvious Why (10 Pics)

This young girl may just be a miniature IU.

This 10-year-old is trending online for her visual resemblance to singer IU.


Kim Kyu Ri is a child model and actress, and gained attention for her appearances in a Kinder chocolate commercial and a Kyobo AXA insurance ad.

Viewers realized there was something familiar about her…


Her big eyes and cute cheeks make her look like a beautiful porcelain doll!


But even at such a young age, she gives off a sophisticated aura and an innocent charm.


Her lovely visuals and strong but innocent presence remind viewers of the beautiful IU!


Look at the resemblance!


Kim Kyu Ri has IU’s look down!


Her style and mood remind netizens a lot of IU’s rookie days.


But, like IU, she also shines with glam in long, silky hair!


This little child will definitely grow up to achieve great things like her doppelganger IU!

Source: Dispatch