Kim Hyang Gi Links Arms with Ong Seongwu and Shin Seung Ho with the Most “Mannerly Hands”

Her “mannerly hands” even got the attention of the MC.

Kim Hyang Gi of JTBC’s At Eighteen recently attended a press conference for the drama where she posed with co-stars Ong Seongwu and Shin Seung Ho.

During photo time, Kim Hyang Gi was standing in between her two co-stars when they were asked to link arms.

In response, Kim Hyang Gi cautiously linked arms with her co-stars but made her hands into a fist so that she wouldn’t accidentally touch them.

When the MC noticed this and remarked, “You don’t have to be so mannerly“, she couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

Ong Seongwu and Shin Seung Ho, who are both 5 years older than Kim Hyang Gi also laughed at their adorable co-star, which made for some beautifully candid photos.

Watch the full footage below:

Source: Insight