Kim Hye Eun Describes the Extravagant Gifts She Delivered to Park Seo Joon on Behalf of Her Mega Fan Daughter

Kim Hye Eun’s middle school daughter is a HUGE fan of Park Seo Joon.

On a recent episode of Same Bed, Different Dreams 2: You Are My Destiny, actress Kim Hye Eun appeared as a host and shared a story about how she ended up delivering her mega fan daughter’s gifts for Park Seo Joon on her behalf.


Kim Hye Eun and Park Seo Joon starred in the popular hit drama, Itaewon Class together.

And this was a blessing to Kim Hye Eun’s daughter in middle school because she’s Park Seo Joon’s biggest fan.

Kim Hye Eun explained just how much of a fan her daughter really is.

I played Park Seo Joon’s supporter in the drama. And my daughter in middle school is a huge fan of Park Seo Joon. She’s totally obsessed. Whenever we came back home from the shoot, she would talk about Park Seo Joon and nothing else.

– Kim Hye Eun

She then went on to share a story about how her daughter prepared extravagant gifts, but couldn’t deliver them herself.

One time, she even prepared a Korean beef set and a colongne for him and said she would visit the set with her friends. But since her friends couldn’t come because of COVID-19, she didn’t think it was a good idea for her to come either. So I ended up carrying that load of gifts to the set and handing it to Park Seo Joon myself.

– Kim Hye Eun

The panel remarked that Park Seo Joon was now a connecting link for her and her daughter going through her puberty years, and Kim Hye Eun added that that was just what she had in mind.

Usually, girls in their puberty years don’t talk to their mothers. Park Seo Joon has become a connecting link for you two.

– Panel

I asked Park Seo Joon to be good friends with me just until my daughter goes off to college.

– Kim Hye Eun

It sounds like Park Seo Joon’s connecting families without even meaning to.

What an effortlessly good guy.


Source: Dispatch