Kim Jae Hwan Reveals Why He’s Been Wearing The Same Ring For 7 Years

“Is it a love ring?”

On yesterday’s episode of ShowterviewJessi was doing a “close-up interview” with Kim Jae Hwan where, at certain parts of the interview, she would bring a handheld camera close to his face.

At one point in the interview, Jae Hwan surprised Jessi with a live acoustic cover of her song “What Kind of X.” After the beautiful performance, she mentioned Jae Hwan’s hands. She shared, “I saw his hands while he was playing the guitar, and they’re so pretty.”

When asked if he had a skincare routine for his hands, he laughed but was interrupted when Jessi saw the ring on his hand. “Is it a love ring?” she asked. A love ring, sometimes called a promise ring, is often considered a pre-engagement ring. It is a symbol of one’s love, commitment, and devotion to one person. Jessi said this as a joke, implying that he has a secret girlfriend.

No way! It’s a rosary ring. When I was young, I was given this ring by my cathedral after 7 years of volunteer work. I’ve kept it on since then.

—Kim Jae Hwan

A rosary ring is a ring used by Catholics to make it easier to perform their daily rosary prayers. These prayers are usually done by saying a prayer for each bead of the necklace (pictured below), but the ring instead has raised bumps for ease of transport. It is a good symbol of one’s devotion to the religion.

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Jessi then excitedly shared that she had a similar ring, hilariously brandishing her middle finger (which had the ring on it).

In other news, Kim Jae Hwan recently made a comeback with “I Wouldn’t Look for You!” Check it out below!