Kim Jaehwan Acted Quick When He Saw a Fan in a Wheelchair at His Most Recent Fan Signing

This is why everyone loves Kim Jaehwan.

Kim Jaehwan recently attended a fan signing in Seoul where he took some time to give out autographs and chat with his biggest fans.


But in the middle of it, Kim Jaehwan immediately sprung up and proceeded to the seats where the fans were sitting when it was one particular fan’s turn.

It turns out that the fan was in a wheelchair, and in order to make things even little easier for his beloved fan, Kim Jaehwan walked over to where she was to greet her.

But that’s not all. Kim Jaehwan then proceeded to position himself so that he could make eye contact with his fan and then gave her an autograph.

When the fan gave him a gift afterward, Kim Jaehwan couldn’t help but flash a big smile.

After bowing in gratitude, they continued to chat and shared sweet affection for one another making him look way too lovable for his own good.



Source: @pocket_0527

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