Kim Jaejoong Confesses a Girl Once Flew over to Japan Just to See Him on His Birthday

She was a friend of Jaejoong’s that took a day trip to Japan just for his birthday.

Singer Kim Jaejoong recently appeared on TV Joseon’s Taste of Dating where he shared a story about a friend that confessed her love for him in Japan.

On the show, a host asked Kim Jaejoong if he ever received a special event before to which he replied, “I did, but it was around 10 years ago.

He explained, “She came to surprise me in Tokyo on my birthday. She said, ‘It’s your birthday today.’ When I asked her when she was going back, she said she had to go back right away.

Kim Jaejoong then added, “That friend flew over just for a day and confessed to me, but I had to turn her down. She was too important to me as a friend.

In response, Park Na Rae lightened up the mood by joking, “So you weren’t dating? What a waste of plane ticket money.

Source: Dispatch