Kim Jong Kook Was Forced To Pick Between Love And His Muscles, Here’s What Happened

He gave a clear answer.

During a recent episode of Running Man, the cast members played a balance game where they had to choose between two difficult options. When it was Kim Jong Kook‘s turn, he was asked to choose between “A: Losing muscle mass” and “B: Staying single forever“.

This was a somewhat tough question, as Kim Jong Kook’s dedication to his body is quite well known.

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It’s also quite well known that Kim Jong Kook wants to get married soon.

Ji Suk Jin originally thought that Kim Jong Kook would choose option A, but Kim Jong Kook told him that his muscles are more important to him than he could imagine.

Kim Jong Kook ended up picking option B, and all the other cast members except for Ji Suk Jin predicted this.

Ji Suk Jin was “outraged” by Kim Jong Kook, asking him how he could give up on love.

However, Kim Jong Kook told him that losing his muscle mass was not logical for him.

Kim Jong Kook’s choice isn’t too surprising, as he has revealed in the past that he takes extra care of his body due to his history with back pain. When he was in high school, he suffered from great back pain, and doctors advised that he should start working out. Once Kim Jong Kook began working out, his back pain started to go away. Kim Jong Kook is fully recovered now, but he worries that if he stops exercising, then his back pain will return.

In fact, I’ve been beyond the level of rehabilitation. I need to reduce the amount I exercise, but I feel anxious when I don’t. It’s hard for me to stop exercising when in my gut I feel that my sickness can return anytime.

— Kim Jong Kook

Here’s the full video below!

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