Kim Jong Kook Literally Turns Into An Angel Of Giving When Apink Comes To Visit His House

The secret when going to Kim Jong Kook’s house, bring girls.

Kim Jong Kook is quite stingy when it comes to his house, especially using any of his supplies.

Even his mother isn’t immune to this, where Kim Jong Kook is even stingy with her.

Apink paid a surprise visit to Kim Jong Kook’s house on My Little Old Boy. The girls were getting a little hungry, so Kim Jong Kook decided to be a completely generous man in this instance.

Apink knew about Kim Jong Kook’s stinginess, so they were very hesitant to ask to use anything. Kim Jong Kook had no problem with Apink using anything from his house.

Kim Jong Kook and Yang Se Chan were just amazed at the situation and decided to capture this amazing moment.

Yang Se Chan was extremely frustrated and confused that Kim Jong Kook was being so generous with Apink. That when he and HaHa went to cook at his house, Kim Jong Kook would just yell and nag at them.

Kim Jong Kook ends by giving a savage response to Yang Se Chan and some of his claims.

Here is the full video below!