Kim Jong Kook Revealed to Be a “Very Scary Man” in a Chat Log Shared by DinDin

There’s no such thing as “sick” in Kim Jong Kook’s vocabulary.

Rapper DinDin recently revealed a chat log of the group chat shared by his indoor soccer team including Kim Jong Kook on his Instagram story along with the caption, “Jong Kook Hyung is a very scary man.

In the chat log, DinDin left the message, “I just came back from Australia, but I think I caught a cold because of the temperature difference. I’m so sorry, but I’ll have to skip out on the game this time. I’m so sorry… I’m very sick…

In response to this revelation, the other team members expressed their sympathy, but Kim Jong Kook’s response was different.

Kim Jong Kook started off with pressure by asking, “Sigh… a cold? Did you just say you have a cold?

He then continued to embarrass DinDin by saying, “Not a bone fracture or a muscle rupture, but a cold? Did you accidentally mistake a fracture for a cold because you spent too much speaking English in Australia?

In response to Kim Jong Kook’s pressure, DinDin wrote, “You should try getting sick once in a while too, Hyung” on top of the chat and made the scenario very comical.

Despite DinDin calling Kim Jong Kook a very scary man, the joking vibe of the post suggests that he wanted to show off their very close relationship as well as the possibility that Kim Jong Kook might not be so different from the character he plays on SBS’s Running Man after all.