Kim Jong Kook’s Mother Couldn’t Help But Show Some “Frustration” Due To His Relationship Status

Kim Jong Kook has been single for too long?

Kim Jong Kook has the looks and the personality, but he’s still surprisingly single. During a recent episode of My Little Old Boy, Cha Tae HyunHong Kyung Min, and Hong Kyung Min’s daughter were seen visiting Kim Jong Kook’s house.

Kim Jong Kook couldn’t help but show a fatherly smile when looking at Hong Kyung Min’s daughter. Kim Jong Kook then made a comment on how he should have a child soon, which “triggered” his mother a bit.

Kim Jong Kook is the only person among his group of friends who isn’t married, and his mother couldn’t help but show some “frustration” when talking about Kim Jong Kook’s relationship status.

Kim Jong Kook couldn’t help but show affection to Hong Kyung Min’s daughter, as he was even seen continuously lifting her.

However, Cha Tae Hyun made a sly comment, wondering if Kim Jong Kook was watching a child or if he was exercising.

Here’s the full video below!