Kim Jong Un and Putin Were Turned Into Hilarious Cat Scratching Posts

Cats now have the opportunity to assert themselves as the Dear Leader of their households over this amazing new toy.

North Korea and Russia’s leaders, Kim Jong Un and Vladamir Putin have become the ultimates cat scratching post and toy.

These “ultimate feline satirical statements” were designed by in 2014, and they took 200 hours to create. The scratching posts stand at 1.5 feet and will only set you back by $7,245. Proceeds from the sales of these “one-of-a-kind protest products” went to the Index of Censorship to aid in its efforts to defend the right to freedom of expression.

Check out more photos of these hilarious scratching posts below!

The scratching posts come in 2 designs, Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin. / Source: The Pussy Cat Riot
The post’s rope body is the perfect scratching surface for your cat.
Their height makes it perfect for any size cat.
These hilarious posts are worth $7,245.

Source: Bored Panda