Kim Soo Hyun’s Visual Evolution From 2007 To 2020 Will Make Your Heart Go Crazy

He’s one fine man.

Kim Soo Hyun is one of the hottest South Korean celebrities of the decade. His skills as an actor have grown tremendously since his first acting role in 2007—and so have his visuals.

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He started his journey to stardom in a family sitcom called Kimchi Cheese Smile. He had long hair and an innocent expression that perfectly matched his youthful role.

His short appearance in the drama Will It Snow For Christmas (2009) saw him slowly growing into his looks as the teenage version of Cha Kang Jin.

He became a household name when he starred as a country bumpkin music prodigy in KBS‘s Dream High (2011). Song Sam Dong had messy hair and a wide-eye look that he kept for a good portion of the drama.


The actor’s roles only became bigger from then on. He played the intelligent Crown Prince Kim Lee Hwon in the hit historical fantasy drama Moon Embracing the Sun. Looking every inch the scholar that he is, it was true that he was born to wear his royal costume.

Kim Soo Hyun became an even bigger Hallyu star when SBS‘s My Love from the Star was released in 2013. Playing the serious and protective alien Do Min Joon, he was intelligent, rich, and mature in every scene.


He was brought back to earth, however, in his role as a newbie PD in KBS’s The Producers (2015). This time he was more love-struck than usual due to his crush on a KBS employee.


In IU’s music video for “Ending Scene”, Kim Soo Hyun was a full-on a man in love. He and the singer had numerous romantic scenes that looked like they could fit in a webtoon.

Sophisticated and high-class Kim Soo Hyun again made a cameo two years later not in IU’s music video, but in her drama Hotel Del Luna (2019).

He finally made his return to the small screen in 2020 after completing his mandatory military service. The drama It’s Okay To Not Be Okay showed Kim Soo Hyun starring as Moon Gang Tae, an orphaned caregiver who slowly fell in love with Go Moon Young, a children’s book author.

Needless to say, he reached his peak of good looks! With his high cheek bones and obvious maturity, he was the reason viewers couldn’t look away from their screens.

His Instagram photos are also enough proof that he’s one fine man.

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Kim Soo Hyun is not just an actor, he’s the reason why fan’s hearts are always beating out of their chests!

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