Stills of Kim Soo Hyun And Seo Ye Ji’s Backhug From “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” Are Sizzling Hot

Saturday can’t come fast enough.

Broadcasting station tvN has released still cuts from the preview of the episode of It’s Okay To Not Be Okay slated to air on the 27th of June and boy are they hot. We left off in the previous episode with Moon Young, played by Seo Ye Ji, visiting Kim Soo Hyun‘s character, Kang Tae, in his new workplace.

While we are unsure of what ensues in the upcoming episode, the still cuts feature Kang Tae giving a comforting hug to a weary and sad-looking Moon Young under a soft light. As the premise of the show centers around how they both heal each others’ wounds, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Kang Tae would be the one to come to her in her time of need.

The close proximity of the two actors has sent people into a frenzy! Although the scene seens rather melancholic, the tension between the characters can be seen even through still cuts.

Moon Young can be seen handling her emotions by trying out the “Buttterfly Hug” healing method as taught to her by Kang Tae in the previous episode of the show, proving that he does have a positive effect on her.

But of course, nothing is better than having someone to go through the pain with you!

The chemistry between the two is sizzling, and can carry through both poignant and emotionally-charged moments, as well as entertaining, funny ones. Seo Ye Ji in particular has been gaining attention for her acting skills and ability to pull of a badass b*tch charater, a complete 180 from her previous role on OCN‘s Save Me.

Seo Ye Ji in her role as Moon Young.
Seo Ye Ji in OCN’s Save Me.

The show is touted as a romantic-thriller, as it discusses the effects of trauma on mental health as well as the healing process, while throwing in the visual coupling. For those that have yet to tune in to tvN’s latest masterpiece, you can do so every Saturday and Sunday on Netflix!

Source: Sports Donga