Kim Woo Bin Spotted Looking Sexy in Sweats at His Recent Fan Meeting

Who else can make sweats look this good?

Earlier this month, Kim Woo Bin held his fan meeting, “Thank You” at SM Town Theatre in Seoul.

Despite having been on leave for 3 years due to his cancer diagnosis, Kim Woo Bin returned looking better than ever.

Recently, Kim Woo Bin’s agency, Sidus HQ shared behind-the-scenes photos of him flaunting sexy visuals while dressed in sweats.

But his casual wear didn’t get in the way of his stunning visuals whatsoever.

Kim Woo Bin sported long hair that highlighted his sculpture-like face…

And impressive stature.

He looked so good, the photos almost look like they were taken on the set of a sportswear commercial.

Kim Woo Bin is set to make his return through January’s documentary, Humanimal.

Source: Insight