This Rookie Actor Has Been Receiving Attention For Visuals Resembling Kang Dong Won

He has stunning visuals.

Rookie actor and model, Kim Yeong Dae, has been winning over the hearts of fans with his visuals that very much resemble actor Kang Dong Won.


Kim Yeong Dae has the same sharp features as Kang Dong Won and exudes a similar aurora as the veteran actor.


From the side, it is almost hard to tell if he is Kim Yeong Dae or Kang Dong Won!


At 185cm and 67kg, he has nearly the same physique as Kang Dong Won as well, who is 186cm.


Kim Yeong Dae is born in 1996 and his specialties include Chinese, guitar and piano.


He has previously appeared on music videos and advertisements, as well as the web drama, Secret Crushes.


Meanwhile, Kim Yeong Dae is set to appear on the upcoming dramaA Day Discovered by Chance (literal translation), which is set to begin airing in September!


Check out more photos of Kim Yeong Dae below:


Source: Dispatch