X1’s Kim Yohan Sets a New Standard for Sexy with His Recent Visuals on Stage

Those collarbones though…

The 2019 Gangnam Festival K-Pop Concert recently took place at the CO-EX in Seoul where X1 wowed the audience with their mindblowing performance.

Among all of the talented members, Kim Yohan particularly stood out with visuals that set a new standard for sexy.

Kim Yohan sported a well-fitted suit that exposed his chest area, and it was likely too much for anyone to handle.

On top of that, his partially wet and glistening hair completed his overall look.

But of course, the key was Kim Yohan himself. His flawless face and strong build were very well complimented by the outfit he flaunted that day.

As if that wasn’t enough, his performance was full of charisma and alluring facial expressions capable of seducing just about any fan.

What a god.

A true visual king.


Source: Insight