Korean Actor Gives A Lesson On How To Kiss Like A Pro

You have to learn it somewhere from someone someday, and this actor might be one of the dreamiest of teachers on the subject.

Actor Lee Min Ki gave lessons on proper kissing through tvN’s Because This is my First Life.

Lee Min Ki and Jung So Min sat by the beach, a perfect setting for kissing lessons.

Lee Min Ki reprimanded Jung So Min about their previous kiss.

“What you did at the bus stop was not a proper kiss but a peck.

In certain ways, it’s not even a peck.

If we are getting specific, it was more like surface level physical contact on the lips.”

— Lee Min Ki

And to So Min’s surprise, he shed light on the secrets of proper kissing.

“This is how you kiss.”

— Lee Min Ki

After the initial kiss, he made sure that Yoon Ji Ho understood what a proper kiss was.

“Do you understand now? Or should I explain again?”

— Lee Min Ki

And as the lesson continued, viewers were able to learn how to kiss like a professional!

Viewers look forward to more kissing lessons by Lee Min Ki in the episodes to come!