Korean Actress Responds to Mean Comment Calling Her Husband-To-Be a Dry Squid

She responded to the comment in the most unexpected way.

A netizen recently posted a mean comment about the actress, Seo Yu Ri‘s upcoming marriage which reads, “I heard Seo Yu Ri’s getting married, so I looked it up and found out that she’s marrying a man that looks like a dry squid…

When Seo Yu Ri saw this, she responded in a witty and down-right hilarious way. She commented, “Oh, hahahahaha. Hi there! Well, he’s not completely dry. I’d say he’s just half dry. Thank you! I hope you congratulate us! Hahahahaha.

Seo Yu Ri then added the following comment, “His visuals might be half dry, but his heart is as big as the ocean! Hahahahaha.

But another netizen decided to criticize her soon-to-be husband further by writing, “Whether he’s dry or half-dry… just run away from that squid…

Luckily, other fans came to Seo Yu Ri’s defense by criticizing the netizens who left the mean comments, praising her for her hilarious response, and congratulating her on her upcoming marriage.

Seo Yu Ri is set to marry the producer, Choi Byung Gil on August 14.

Source: Dispatch