Korean-American Man Breaks Down Crying Because Of What Obama Said To Him At The White House

The story of Gary Lee, a former White House Aide, and proud Korean-American man has gone viral.

In the face of President Trump’s “Where are you from?” remark to a Korean-American woman, Lee decided to share his experience with former President Barack Obama.

Gary Lee decided to leave the White House in 2011 for a Fulbright Scholarship in South Korea and went to greet Obama on his last day of work.

What Barack Obama said that in that moment had Lee smiling in delight.

Lee shared his passion for public service and how unsure he had been of his future prospects.

He explained that during his last year of college, he decided to try his luck at being a part of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign team.

The opportunity led to Lee going all the way to the White House with Barack Obama.

Following his departure photo with Obama, he ran into actor Kal Penn. At the time, Kal was Associate Director in the White House Office of Public Engagement.

Kal explained to him why Gary’s interaction with Barack had moved him to tears.

Gary went on to explain the sacrifices his Korean immigrant parents had made for their family.

Lee conveyed that all that his parents couldn’t have even imagined how far his success would go.

He continued to ponder where else in the world it would be possible for oppressed minorities to have the ability to achieve so much.

Gary expressed his love for the nation that he had spent so long working for as a public servant.

He finalized his thread with a greeting for Korean-American Day and Martin Luther King Jr. weekend.

Gary Lee’s wonderful story has moved the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. The tweets have amassed over 139,000 retweets and 815,000 likes since he first posted them.