Korean-American Comedian Makes Controversial Joke About UA Passenger David Dao

Esther Ku is at it again and, this time, some believe she’s taken her humor a little too far.

Esther Ku, a Korean-American comedian and cast member of MTV‘s shows Girl Code and Wild ‘N Out, has become embroiled in yet another controversy due to a recent video she made regarding the assaulted United Airlines passenger, David Dao.

Esther Ku is no stranger to controversial jokes and is actually known for taking her jokes, some say, a little too far. Her zingy and controversial one-liners include sentences like, “It’s really dark in here. So if there are any black people in the audience, smile for me,” and “I hate fat people, they just take up too much space.”

In the controversial video, Esther says, “As someone who’s been beaten by Asian men, I played that video over and over again and jerked off a million times.” She even went as far as to joke that David Dao had actually dramatized the incident and caused his injuries

Esther Ku has become quite popular throughout her career and has over 100 000 followers on Twitter and nearly 40 000 fans on Instagram, but we’ll let you decide whether her joke is funny or goes a little too far.

Check out the controversial video she posted on her Twitter account below: