Here’s Why Two Korean High School Girls Refuse To Hide That They Had Plastic Surgery

They don’t mind that everyone knows.

Plastic surgery is so common in Korea that it isn’t unheard of to learn about students going under the knife.

Recently, YouTube channel AYO interviewed Lee Soo Yeon and Kim Hee Jae, two high school YouTubers who are open about having had plastic surgery.

Lee Soo Yeon (left) and Kim Hee Jae (right)

Midway through the interview, the girls were asked, “Do you hide the fact that you got plastic surgery?” They answered “I don’t” without a moment’s hesitation.

Kim Hee Jae explained that she’d rather be up front with people than suffer from the consequences if the truth were to come out.

I just tell people rather than being exposed for hiding it.

— Kim Hee Jae

Agreeing, Lee Soo Yeon added that she is the same person with or without surgery, so there is nothing to be ashamed of. She doesn’t see the need to hide it, especially since it was her decision to do it.

The me in the past is me, and me now is also me, so I don’t necessarily want to hide it. I got it because I wanted it.

— Lee Soo Yeon

She advised that people only undergo plastic surgery if they aren’t conscious about the opinions of other people. If they are, then it likely isn’t for them.

You shouldn’t get surgery if you’re going to care about what others think.

— Lee Soo Yeon

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Source: YouTube