This Korean Baseball Player Is Racking up All the “Noona Fans” with His Idol-Like Visuals

You can find him in Gwangju.

In recent days, photos of KIA TigersOh Sun Woo have been circulating in online communities because of his dashing good looks.

Oh Sun Woo is 24 years old in Korean age and just joined KIA Tigers this year.

With his tall height of 186 centimeters and sturdy physique, he is said to be called the “light of Gwangju” as he racks up all the “noona fans” in the city.

He’s so popular that he was even in the live trending list on the search engine, and it’s predicted to be because of his idol-like visuals consisting of his tall nose bridge, sharp jawline, and sweet dog-like eyes.

But his visuals aren’t the only thing going for him. Oh Sung Woo is also known to be an excellent batter with outstanding records for a rookie player.

Check out some more photos of the attractive young baseball player below:


Source: Insight, @behind_homeplate and @kia12121212