Korean boy arrested after assaulting female students…with Coke

He sprayed water and coke on female students because he didn’t like seeing girls walking about in the campus.

24-year-old Mr. Kim was arrested for assault after spending the entire day spraying female students in the face with water and coke. His reasoning for doing such a thing was that he hated seeing female students being outside and that they should be studying instead.

One female student who was a victim in this attack said,

“I was at the crosswalk in front of the main entrance and suddenly, a stranger just sprayed water at my face. I’m glad that it was only water but I’m angry about it.”

— Female Student

Mr. Kim traveled around the campus until 8 pm where he was finally caught by 2 males, who promptly called the police. He was arrested soon thereafter.

Students pointed out that there were worried about safety on campus with many of them saying “what if the substance splashed was something like hydrochloric acid,” calling for the campus police to provide a safer environment.

Source: Kmib