Korean Children Give Authentic Reactions To Seeing A K-Pop Performance Face To Face

They were shocked and amazed by her vocals.

A YouTube channel by the name of ODG gathered a couple of children, who were given the chance to see a K-Pop idols performance face to face. The idol was none other than JeA of Brown Eyed Girls. JeA couldn’t hold her reactions once the children appeared.

JeA originally wanted to know if the children actually knew who she was or if they knew she was even a singer.

JeA couldn’t help but let the children know about her past popularity and how they were just too young to actually know who she was.

JeA began to sing right in front of them with her song “Dear Rude” and they all had a focused and amazed reaction hearing her vocals.

Once the performance was over, the children couldn’t help but applaud her for how great she was and filled her with compliments.

Heartwarming comments were also exchanged and JeA definitely touched their hearts with her song.

Watch the full video below