Korean College Student Tearfully Reveals The Cruelest Comments She Read About Her “Large Face”

She gets very hateful comments about her larger face, and they’re coming from elementary and middle school children.

On a recent episode of KBS Joy’s Ask Anything, a young college student appeared on the show to open up about her worry of having a larger face than the average.

Min Kyung confessed,

The people around me tell me I have a big face. It’s a huge worry for me.

– Min Kyung

When Lee Soo Geun recommended getting an X-Ray to see if it’s just her frame while Seo Jang Hoon expressed that he thinks it could get smaller if she lost some weight, Min Kyung described the lengths she took to lose weight.

I’m still in the process of losing weight, but I think I already made good progress. I try to walk 30,000 steps a day and consume less then 500 calories a day. I’ve lost 25 kilograms (~55 pounds) so far.

– Min Kyung

She then went on to share the criticism she’s been receiving from the people around her.

I’m still in the process of losing weight, but some tell me, ‘What’s the point in losing weight when your face stays the same?’

– Min Kyung

But that’s not all. When she uploads photos of herself and her boyfriend on social media, she is forced to face horribly malicious comments.

The cruelest comments I’ve gotten were people asking me ‘Did you bribe your boyfriend?’ or ‘How much did you buy your boyfriend for?’ But what’s even worse is that when one person leaves a comment like that, a bunch people start a thread. And I see that they’re all in elementary or middle school.

– Min Kyung

And her friend expressed her sympathy.

I’ve never thought about this before when I saw her, so when I saw her getting his kind of feedback, my heart ached for her.

– Min Kyung

After hearing the devastating story, Seo Jang Hoon asked Min Kyung if she could just stop using social media, but she explained why she couldn’t do that.

I’m very interested in fashion, so I want to open up a shopping site one day. Since social media is the best way to do marketing, I can’t give it up.

– Min Kyung

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Source: Dispatch