This Commercial Has Everyone In Korea Breaking Down In Tears…

Let’s all reach for our tissue box.

The Blue House (South Korea’s version of The White House), released a public service ad that told an incredibly touching story between a mother and her daughter.

The video starts with the mother and daughter getting ready to go to the market. As they are ready to leave, the daughter sloppily applies lipstick all over her lips and asks her mom, “Am I pretty?” The mother tiredly looks at her daughter and wipes it off.

Then, as they start looking around the market, the daughter suddenly ends up disappearing.

The mother frantically runs throughout the market asking everyone, “Have you seen someone who looks like this?” as she shows them her phone. She finally discovers her daughter sitting next to a “Hodduk” (sweet pancake) vendor.

The daughter had bought 2 hodduks and had been waiting for her mother. The mother scolds her daughter and says, “You don’t even like hodduk, what has gotten into you?”

The daughter replies, “It’s just that…You’re the one who likes hodduk. You do.” And then in that moment, the camera pans out to show the daughter who has transformed into an elderly woman.

The elderly woman had actually been the mother’s mother the entire time, being portrayed as her daughter instead. The mother had been looking after her own mother, who had been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

The video was made as a public service announcement, to show that patients suffering from Alzheimer’s also need to be looked after. The video ends with the young mother saying, “I have become my mother’s mother.”

Source: Dispatch