Why You Shouldn’t Be Too Nice Your Korean Boyfriend Or Girlfriend If You’re A Foreigner, Explained By A Korean

Her advice could apply to couples from anywhere in the world!

YouTuber and lifestyle vlogger Rachel Kim has advice for anyone not from Korea who is dating a Korean—don’t be too nice to them! As for why you’ll have to keep reading to find out!

Source: Rachel Kim/YouTube

Rachel explains that her advice at the beginning stage of your relationship is: “Don’t be too nice.

You see, you just came to Korea not too long ago, and you probably already found out that there are so many things that are simply just, different from where you’re from.

— Rachel

In Korea, relationships rely heavily on communication, with chats going throughout the day, starting from when you first wake up.

We send many KakaoTalk messages throughout the day to check up on each other, usually it starts from saying good morning to each other when you wake up.

— Rachel

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Additionally, they get couples’ t-shirts, mugs, rings, everything! Fellow Korean YouTuber’s SSOL and Grace Kim have also previously shared their thoughts on Korea’s couple culture.

As if constant communication and being matchy-matchy with, well, everything wasn’t enough, there are also a ton of anniversaries to remember!

22 days, 100 days, 200 days, 300 days, one year, so on and so forth.

— Rachel

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Rachel explains that while she doesn’t know about other countries, she feels that dating in Korea might not be for everyone.

I’ve heard many people say it’s overwhelming and exhausting.

— Rachel

While it’s fine to make your partner happy, however, Rachel makes it clear that it’s very important to avoid doing things that only make the other person happy.

Love makes us blind. For right now, you have this straight energy and big emotions that make you want to do anything for that person. You’re like a Super Saiyan right now, but it doesn’t last. You’re going to come back to normal version of yourself. If you say yes to anything, you might be happy temporarily but you’re making things harder for yourself and your partner because eventually you’re gonna feel like you’re losing who you really are.

— Rachel

Rachel has very sound advice for anyone who is crazy in love at the moment: “It’s always best to be yourself. It’s so important to be honest and show who you really are to your partner.