Korean fans reveal an innovative way to use light sticks outside of concerts

As any K-Pop fans know, one amazing way to show your enthusiasm and support for an artist during a concert is through light sticks. But that’s not the only use for them, as Korean fans have shown.

Fans of EXO and SHINee have posted photos through online community boards revealing an innovative way to use their light sticks apart from during concerts and fan meetings. And it’s sure to save them some money on their electricity bill…

One EXO fan revealed her glow sticks in the bathroom. The bright white light emitting from the light stick gives off enough to lit the area, though we’re sure if appropriately placed throughout the room, there’d be just enough lights.

“When in doubt in the showers, always trust your glowstick.” (EXO fan)

But some light sticks, as shown by the photo below, are so bright you can definitely see it from even outside an apartment complex!

“You know you’re a true fan when your apartment’s is the only place LIT!” (SHINee fan)

Light sticks have definitely grown brighter over the years, successfully lighting up even an entire stadium. Red oceans, pink oceans, fans have created a light of oceans to show their overwhelming support and love for their idols with light sticks.

Image: Comparing SHINee's first light stick to the newest version / Instiz
Comparing SHINee’s first light stick to the newest version / Instiz

Source: Instiz