Korean Girl Shows The Result Of Doing 1000 Squats Every Day

The internet is going crazy over this fitness instructor, after she revealed her secret method to achieving the most stunning body ever. Shim Euddeum is a beautiful fitness instructor, who’s quickly become one of the most popular fitness instructors in Korea.


She frequently uploads sizzling hot photos of her thin waist and curvy outline onto her Instagram account. In a recent magazine interview, she revealed the secret behind her meticulously maintained body.. and it’s freaking insane!

“In order to up keep a perfectly healthy body, I do 1000 squats every single day.” — Shim Euddeum


People are applauding her intense dedication to her health and body, knowing how ridiculously hard it is to be so healthy 24/7. Shim Euddeum has become an inspiration to all women, showing that there’s an alternative to extreme dieting to achieve a beautiful body.


She runs on the treadmill, does squats, and sticks to her fitness regimen no matter what! Her Instagram also features great tips and advice on how to reach the same body goals as her.

Source: Nate