Korean Girl Shares Her Experience Coming Out To Her Parents In Detail

Korean teen reveals how she told her parents she was gay, and how they reacted.

In a forum post, a Korean teen told the Internet what it had been like for her to come out as gay to her parents.

This teen, a 10th grader, began the post by saying that she had been aware of her homosexuality since 8th grade. Since her girlfriend had already come out to her parents, the teen decided that it was time for her to do the same.


One night, during dinner, the teen had the following conversation with her parents.

Mom, I’m so lonely

Why so suddenly?

My friend got a girlfriend last week and they are going to see the cherry blossoms today. I want to date too.

But right now it’s time to study,” her mom argued. “Not date.


The teen steered the conversation toward her coming out by using a well-placed pronoun.

My friend is pretty and her girlfriend is also pretty.”

Is your friend a girl or a guy?

A girl.

“She must be pretty then,” her mom said.


Her mother’s calm reaction helped to give the teen the courage she needed to finally come out.

“I want to have a girlfriend too,” she confessed. “please give me permission.”


At this point, her dad told her that if she liked the girl, then he had no problem giving her permission to date her. Her mom’s only concern was whether teen’s feelings toward the girl were genuine or not.

If you’re just joking about dating her, you can’t. You have to be serious about this.


I really like girls,” the teen replied.

Afterward, her parents were silent for a moment. Then, as they continued to eat their meal, they began asking more serious questions, such as when she started first liking girls.


Many users congratulated the teen on coming out to her parents, however, they also warned her to keep her coming out as private as possible.

  • First of all, congrats on telling your parents but ne!!!!!!ver!!!!! talk about this at school, not even to the friends who usually hang out with you… Me too I’m gay. I’m in my 2nd year of high school but I knew that I was gay ever since middle school.
  • Don’t talk about this to anyone at school, I beg you. Not even to your closest friends.


Other posters, however, were less supportive.

  • Your parents must have cried behind your back.
  • Being gay is a mental illness. It’s something that you acquire and you can fix it too. 
Source: Pann Nate