INFINITE Members Fully Support Each Other Despite Being Dispersed Due to Their Military Service

Not even the military can come between this group!

Despite the fact that INFINITE‘s Sunggyu, Sungyeol, and Dongwoo are currently serving in the military, the group is warming the hearts of fans by managing to overcome the distance and support each other’s activities.

In particular, Sunggyu, who enlisted in the military back in May 2018, has been spotted numerous times supporting his fellow members who are not serving at the moment.

Recently, a fan of spotted Sunggyu in an elevator at Woohyun‘s Mefisto musical and couldn’t hold back their shock and excitement.

I did a few things here and there and then took the elveator down, but it kept stopping on every floor. I don’t remember what floor it was on, but when the door opened I saw Sunggyu. I thought, ‘Is that Sunggyu? It is! No way… No way… Sunggyu… No way… Oh my gosh…’

– @Greeny_INFINITE

And this wasn’t the first time Sunggyu showed his support for Woohyun’s solo activities. Back in November 2018, Sunggyu attended two days of Woohyun’s 1st solo concert.

The first concert has been successfully completed thanks to everyone who cheered Woohyun on. And a special cheering squad attended the concert as well. Sunggyu, whom we haven’t seen a long time, and our youngest, Sungjong. Seeing everyone together makes us very happy.


Woohyun’s solo concerts have come to an end. Today’s concert was even more exciting thanks to Dongwoo and Golden Child. Also, thank you to the INFINITE members as well as Lovelyz. But most importantly, thank you to all our fans. Let’s keep doing this together.


A fan even captured Sunggyu on camera as he greeted everyone following Woohyun’s introduction.

And there was evidently more of Sunggyu’s love to go around because prior to this, Sunggyu was also spotted supporting Dongwoo’s Iron Mask musical in September 2018.

I got to see some friendly faces at my first performance with Dongwoo. It’s good to see you look healthy. Let’s do a good job on the rest of our performances. We can do this!

– Lee Geon Myeong

What makes this already heartwarming support even sweeter is the fact that Sunggyu’s fellow members reciprocated the love by attending his solo events as well.

In September 2018, both Dongwoo and Sungjong attended Sunggyu’s military musical, Shinheung Military Academy to cheer on their beloved fellow member.

I missed seeing Sunggyu three times, but this long meeting made up for it. Sunggyu’s class really doesn’t go anywhere! I had fun thanks to you. INSPIRIT must be happy to have a leader like you.

– Dongwoo

I missed you, Hyung. I finally got to see you! I was touched by your performance today. Take care of yourself, Sunggyu! I love you.

– Sungjong

And prior to that, Sungyeol drove for hours just to visit Sunggyu at his military base.

Good luck, Sunggyu! It’s good to see you looking healthy!

– Sungyeol

He even talked about the visit at the following concert where the members made fun of Sunggyu with a buzzcut.

And around the same time, L also visited Sunggyu at his military training graduation ceremony which took place around the same time of Sungyeol’s visit in June 2018.

Recruit 122, Kim Sunggyu! We just wanted to say hello after Sunggyu’s graduation ceremony! L came to see him, too. Here are some photos. It’s been a long time, right? That makes us tear up even more. Sunggyu’s doing well, so don’t worry, everyone.


If you’re sad that we only shared two photos after such a long time, here’s two more! L is really busy these days with his full schedule, but he rescheduled everything so that he could visit his ‘hyung’!


It’s not easy keeping in touch while serving in the military, but INFINITE is going above and beyond to cheer each other on despite the distance. Sunggyu, Sungyeol, and Dongwoo are all scheduled to be released in 2020, but it will likely pass by in no time thanks to their neverending love and support for each other.