The Adorable Difference Between “Singer IU” and “Actress Lee Ji Eun”

But she’s amazingly talented in both industries.

In recent days, a post highlighting the difference between IU as a singer and an actress has become a topic of conversation in online communities.


Last February, IU attended the Gaon Chart Music Awards where she posed for a group photo with the rest of the singers.

Since IU debuted as a singer back 2008, she was the most experienced star out of the group.

For that reason, the group placed IU in the center and surrounded her in the group photo in order to highlight the fact that she was their respected superior.

But IU’s position was different when she attended the Baeksang Arts Awards earlier this month as the actress who starred in the tvN drama, My Mister.

Despite the fact that she debuted as an actress with Dream High back in 2011, she was still surrounded by many actors and actresses with more experience.

As a result, IU made sure to take care of her superiors by assisting them with whatever they needed and then posed near the back in order to put the focus on her respected superiors.

Many know IU to be an amazing artist who’s truly succeeded, so people are finding the actress, Lee Ji Eun to be quite adorable as she flaunts a different charm as a talented actress who’s not quite as experienced as the rest of the actors and actresses in the industry.

Source: Insight