6 Idol Pairs Who Claim to Be “Just Friends” of the Opposite Sex

Some don’t think it’s possible for a man and a woman to be just friends.

Some claim that it’s impossible for two people of the opposite sex to be genuine friends, but there are quite a few stars who flaunt their strong friendships regardless of their difference in gender.

Here are 6 idol pairs who have expressed their friendship on either TV or social media:

1. Jeon Somi and Lee Daehwi

Jeon Somi who used to be in I.O.I, and Lee Daehwi, who used to be in Wanna One are former classmates of the same middle school. After that, their friendship continued to grow as they both trained under JYP Entertainment.

In particular, on Mnet’s Produce 101 Season 2, Somi cried for Daehwi when he was selected to debut during the final round. As a result of going after the same dream in the same agency, they still cheer each other on to this day.

2. IU and Lee Hyun Woo

Singer IU and actor Lee Hyun Woo were both born in 1993, and got involved in dating scandals after going to the movies together.

On a reality program, Lee Hyun Woo addressed this matter by stating, “We weren’t watching alone. Our managers were there, too. IU called, so I didn’t hesitate to go meet her.” When he was asked if they could ever date, he responded with “With her?” and made everyone laugh.

3. Jung Yoo Mi and Gong Yoo

Actors Jung Yoo Mi and Gong Yoo are very close friends who are under the same agency. They acted together in movies such as Silenced and Train to Busan, and they’re currently working on another called Kim Ji-young, Born 1982.

4. Jung Yoo Mi and Yoo Ah In

Jung Yoo Mi is close to actor Yoo Ah In as well. They’ve been seen celebrating each other’s birthdays and showing up at gatherings together.

Yoo Ah In once confessed, “Yoo Mi is my ideal type. She’s full of natural charm.

5. Park Shin Hye and Lee Honggi

Actor Park Shin Hye and F.T. Island‘s Lee Honggi met on the set of SBS’s You’re Beautiful back in 2009. They are said to be so close that they even talk about love problems with each other.

6. SinB and Moon Bin

GFRIEND‘s SinB and ASTRO‘s Moon Bin were both born in 1998, and they have been close friends for over 10 years while chasing their dreams to become idols.

SinB once proved their close friendship by mentioning Moon Bin in GFRIEND’s “LOL” album with the message, “I’m cheering you on, ASTRO’s Bin.

Source: Insight