This Korean-Jamaican Fusion Restaurant Is Starting a New Food Trend

Two half-Korean, half-Jamaican brothers have started a new food trend by combining their heritage, and it looks delicious.

Korea and Jamaica are both well-known for their incredible (and often spicy) cuisine, but it’s not every day that someone thinks to combine the two. Enter The Spicy Belly, a unique restaurant in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, that combines traditional Korean and Jamaican cuisine, creating a delicious fusion of the two!

The restaurant is owned by two brothers, Jason and Jimmy Mills, who are half Korean and half Jamaican. They decided to share their unique heritage with the world through this unique combination of cuisines, and it seems everyone is loving it.

The pair explained that the inspiration for their dishes came from their Korean mother, who always put a Korean twist on Jamaican recipes when she was cooking.

Among the many dishes on offer are Korean fried dumplings filled with jerk chicken, bibimbap using coconut rice, peas, and chayote, and a delicious beef patty with Korean pickled cucumber salad.

The menu also includes a wide variety of solely Korean, or solely Jamaican dishes so visitors are never lost for choice!

Source: EATER